Message #4197

Subject: 3^4 10:11.87 Speedsolve World Record
Date: Sun, 05 May 2019 03:31:38 +0000

Video proof: (Log file is attached)
The previous record (as far as I could find) was 10:19.40 by Micheal Gottlieb / qqwref
He seems to use a completely different method from mine. My method is Petrus style blockbuilding with Sheerin-Zhao Last-Layer
The solve itself is really nice, 559 moves , I wouldn’t call it lucky except maybe not getting RKT parity.

There’s a lot of room for improvement I think sub-10 minutes is definitely possible and I could see the record getting a lot faster than this. Especially if you could eliminate the long pause while looking for pieces, that seems to be the thing that’s slowing the solve down the most is looking for pieces.

I also didn’t use any Macros, but that’s because my method is mostly intuitive.
I’d be really curious to know if anyone else has been speedsolving and what your time’s are, or what methods you use.

Move splits
2x2x2x2 55/55
2x2x2x3 41/96
2x2x3x3 56/153
F2L 127/280
OLC 110/390
PLC 169/559