Message #1130

From: thesamer <>
Subject: Greetings from Remi
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:50:23 +0200

Hi to all!

Audrey and Andras: ("In the spirt of taking things too far" x 2) good
job to both of you!

I agree to keep the track of the shortest for 5^4 on my page (starting
from next week).

I also would like to update 3^4 shortest, but lately I’ve lost the track
:) In my opinion using computers to get solutions for some minor steps
was ok, just like taking some algorithms from the internet to find
better pll on classic cube and later translate this on 4D language.

"4D/5D Shortest" competition, so far, is just pushing human limits, NOT
the regular challenge(like the fewest moves on the championships).

You can count on me on hyperspeedcubing contest: 3^4 will be very good
choice to start.(I think that Matusz Burnicki will join as well). Let’s
finally do it, let’s say: in 2 weeks from now? :P

All the best,

Sprawdz co masz zapisane w swoich dloniach!