Message #673

From: Kyle Headley <>
Subject: Re: My solution
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 02:22:49 -0000

Hey Roice,

> Also, I’m not sure what you are asking by "Are you able to freely rearrange
> the stickies?". Could you expound?

I was referring to a freedom of movement sequence:
3^2: unable to physically twist
3^3: center 3^2 slice can twist with the help of a single face,
other slices cannot twist in place
3^4: all 3 3^3 slices can fully twist in place with help
3^5: ?? what is left that couldn’t be twisted previously?

I had speculated that in a (3+)^5 the 1-color cubies could be rearranged in place. This may be the reason that certain parity issues don’t come up (thought I haven’t fully read that section of the group postings yet).

As for the control issues, I owe you a full critique/suggestion :), I’ll post one soon.