Message #675

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: MC4D laser crystal cube
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 19:39:01 -0500

Hi all,
I have been starting to learn a little powershell recently, and as a first
project I wrote a script to generate an
STL<> file
of MC4D. This format is common in the rapid prototyping industry, and my
plan was to get a laser crystal made. The result turned out so nice that I
wanted to share the model file with all in case you’d like to order one for
yourself! I had some trouble getting pictures that do it justice, but
played around with lighting this eve to get some pretty decent ones. You
should be able to get an idea of what the result looks like

I uploaded the model file to the group files
and you can get this etched into a crystal by making an order with laser
crystal awards <> (for very reasonable
prices in my opinion). A number of crystal shapes are possible, but I did
the 2 3/8" cube<>for
myself. If you’re on the fence, some details about their high quality
process is here <>. To make the
model, I picked projection parameters I liked but the script is configurable
so if anyone would like alterations made, let me know! It is really quite
neat in person :)

Take Care,