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From: Ray Zhao <>
Subject: Re: New Member (323rd)
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 19:13:14 -0400


Since I had no idea what S5 is, I had to search it up…
"Children in Scotland complete seven years of primary school…After this,
they do six years of secondary school from S1 to S6 (equivalent to Y8 to
Y13 in England)."
And thus you’re in Grade 12 by Canadian standards. Pretty good with the
marks there, too.

I also play the piano, but I compose too. Did you intend on making your own
covers or actually making your own epic songs? With the latter you’ll be
able to customize to whatever you find epic, whereas for making covers, the
videos you linked are epic since there’s a lot going on at the same time
between so many instruments…once you put it all on the piano and restrict
it to two hands it loses a lot of the "epic", though that’s just my
opinion. Either way, based on what you listen to, make sure you learn about
modulation aka how to change key signature in the middle of pieces. I
didn’t get why Cannon in D Minor had such a name until the end when it
ended in D Minor…it starts in A minor and goes all over the place in the
middle, isn’t that fun?

Congrats on finding your own 3^4 solution, and also, good luck on the arc