Message #3679

Subject: Re: Introduction of the 307th solver
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 20:40:52 +0000

Wow, I never expected to see so much interest in 4D blindsolving.

I tried the 2^4 a few years ago, back before the Mathologer custom build for greying out the stickers, so I had to edit the colour file! My best attempt was off by 2 twisted corners if I remember correctly. It’s curious that everyone else seems to be going for a solve with macros, personally I’m only interested in doing no-macro attempts, but I admit that’s a little crazy for the 3^4. I’d made notes for this a few years ago and I think I worked out all the details for solving, I can’t remember if I was planning on doing 2-cycles or 3-cycles mostly, I’ll dig them up at some point and probably make a few changes.

I’m a little busy just now with finishing my PhD, but I have plans to have another go at 4D BLD over the summer, as well as practicing for the World Championships in Paris (if anyone else from this group is going, I’d be happy to meet up and have a chat!), so maybe I’ll finally get a success a couple of months.from now.

Good luck to everyone attempting blindfolded solves :).