Message #3428

Subject: Re: Hello. Just finished solving the 3⁴
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2016 20:48:01 -0700

I was just trying to give you motivation to start other puzzles just in case if you are interested. It is good that you are into speed solving. That is a skill I lack to be honest. If you are not using the notation I am using I wonder what notations you use for the 3^4. In 3D you have F U L R D B. I know some people use another notation but I never learn any other way of writing algorithms. I wanted to make a thread about notations for MC5D and higher. My notation is simple I would say. In another thread I wanted to talk about mazes in higher dimensions which deals with dimensions but not hypercubing. I want to know what I would see in a 4D maze while being a 3D being (the way I say it is that I have a spherical view and 4D beings have a hyperspherical view of their surroundings). To make it interested the 3D being can rotate to any possible way.
Sorry you did not understand what I was saying. I was on a rush and also English is not my first language. I wanted to say people can make better decisions if they are more informed. I don’t know anyone who is a vegan/ vegetarian. I like watching YouTube videos about veganism and I like talking about veganism/ plant-based diet, health, food, etc. I would like to try your vegan burger. Keep up the good work at cooking and hypercubing.