Message #3311

From: thesamer <>
Subject: Miegakure (and off-topic AlphaGo and quantum chess)
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:38:47 -0300

Hello to all!

I also have enjoyed a lot AlphaGo playing Lee Sedol (and of course
awesome commentary of Michael Redmond!). I read that facebook had also a
take on creating AI to play Go. Maybe soon we will see two machines
fighting with each other! :-)

BTW: Have you seen Quantum Chess? (absolutely mind-blowing,
waiting for release of the game publicly in 2 months from now).

Ok.. ending the off-topic: today I have encountered interesting 4D game.
Now I notice that post here from December shows that you are aware of that:

However the new video might be interesting, since it shows a little bit
technology behind it:

All the best,

Ps. I must return someday to 4D puzzle solving. For me awaits 120-Cell,
7D, shortest 2^4 etc. I’m still following the tread. Congrats on recent
update of MagicCube4D!