Message #3056

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] The 2c piece
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:24:44 -0600

Hi Alvin,

My apologies for the delay. Those central stickers are definitely hard to
work with! You get 3 stickers that project to the origin from 4 faces (+-U
and +-V), so 12 stickers are all mashed on top of each other when all the
faces are visible. Some of these are 1C stickers and some of them are 2C
stickers. The locations depend on your projection and visibility settings.

There are two ways I know of to deal with solving the centrally projected

(1) Do a View Rotation using the buttons at the bottom right to move the
central stickers out to the side, then work with them there.
(2) After starting a twist, the arrow keys allow you to cycle through
2nd-click stickers. This feature can give you some choice between the two
centrally projected stickers.

I recommend (1) myself. Also, I’ve had reports that the feature in (2) is
no longer be working correctly on some systems. If this is true for you,
you’ll be stuck with using view rotations for now.

Good luck!

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 9:00 PM, [4D_Cubing] <> wrote:

> So when you turn of the 3c, 4c, and 5c pieces, you have this center
> section where it’s full of stickers. I’ve found out that the outermost
> sticker of that center section and the innermost sticker are the same
> piece, but I can’t turn that piece. If you count from the outermost sticker
> and go inside, the sixth sticker is the innermost 2c piece that can be
> turned. so how am I suppose to solve that piece?