Message #1583

From: schuma <>
Subject: Hemi-Pyraminx-Crystal solved
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 01:15:15 -0000

Finally I got time to solve it: Magic Tile, Hemi-Dodecahedron, size-3, factor=1.28848304015396.

This number is the sweet spot to make a Pyraminx Crystal, provided by Roice. This puzzle is a slice-only 6-color Pyraminx Crystal, or, a Pyraminx Crystal in a projective plane.

It is easier than I thought. I solved 2C pieces first using a simple commutator of two second-layer moves. Then 3C pieces were solved using a nested commutator, in the form [[A,B],C], where A, B, and C are second-layer moves. Towards the end I had to worry about mirroring 3C, and twisting a single 3C. But I’ve seen these issues in the Hemi-Megaminx, hence not so surprising.

Log file: <>
399 moves.

This is nothing compared with Andrey’s solve on {6,3} factor 1.4. I would never try to solve that beast. Congrats, Andrey!