Message #744

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: 3rd beta version available
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 20:39:50 -0700

Dear Cubists,

On the downloads page
<> you will find the
latest revision 130 jar file. This version contains purely bug fixes
since the last version including:

* Sound effects muting not sticking across sessions
* Premature recognition of full solves
* Edit > Reset not respecting custom colors
* Scrambling of length-2 puzzles resulting in unsolvable states
* Macro clicks highlighted correctly but internally decided to be invalid
* And several minor highlighting problems without underlying problems.

Some of these will be important to anyone making serious solution
attempts or intending to.
The rest of the known problems don’t seem like release blockers to me so
maybe we should consider this to be our first release candidate! Please
therefore give it at least a sanity check and make sure that your
favorite features still work correctly.

IMPORTANT: Do any of you have access to Mac or Linux or other unusual
machines, graphics cards or other configurations? If so, would you
please test as much or as little as you feel like and then get back to
us with your observations? You can reply here or privately, but it is
very important that we find out soon that there appear to be no big
issues on those two platforms at least. It would be a real shame to do a
public release only to find out that it fails badly for some subset of

But most of all we simply hope you enjoy your exclusive access to this
latest pre-release that we are so proud of.

Happy puzzling!