Message #742

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Few small additions to the MC4D java program
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 14:56:34 -0700

Hello Roman,

Thanks for the contributions! An important part of making this an open
source project is get community help with the code. Unfortunately there
are a couple problems with this method. First is the fact that the code
base has changed a lot in this new version. We can take a look at what
you’ve done and maybe move some of the code or ideas into the latest

In future, I encourage other developers to do the same but please follow
this pattern:
1) always build against the very latest trunk version.
2) create patch files of your changes, (one patch per issue, please)
3) attach those patch files to the appropriate issue in the issue
tracking system along with comments that explain what it does and
specifies the revision number that it was built against.

If your patch does not relate to an existing bug or feature request in
the issue tracker, then just create one.

Also, I was not able to read your jar file. Maybe it didn’t upload
correctly. In any case, please just send it to me off-line and see if
you can get a build environment synchronized with the magiccube4d Google
Code repository <>.


romanbednarek wrote:
> Hi.
> I am a new enthusiast of 4D cube, not able to solve it yet, but still trying.
> It is great that you made the program open source, so being a java programmer I could made some changes which could help beginners.
> Here is a short list:
> - property files (mc4d.props) were saved to the desktop, I changed the
> location to user home directory
> - reset cube position after pressing "Allow Spin Dragging", to the default
> position, I often could not resturn the cube to the position I wanted
> - cube rotation possibilities (Ctrl-click) were limited only to one possibility, I unlocked rotations after Ctrl-click on central cube
> - backup log files while saving (you can guess why I noticed it is so needed :-) )
> - this one displays highlighted cubies separately, it is probably helpfull only for the beginnners, when it is not easy to find a cubie. It does not display cubies from 8th face, and I guess I will not be able to finish it.
> I have uploaded a jar file (with sources of course) so it is easy to see the modifications in action. You can use all or some of the changes in official version if you think they are useful.
> Thanks for the great, well written, program.
> Roman
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