Message #313

Subject: My page
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 00:39:33 +0200


Before my stay in Amsterdam I’m gathering everything I have which considers hypercubes. is my page where you can find old galleries with 4D and 5D cubes. There also is a little bit transtaltion of Roice Solution (once Roice noticed that some my pictures are helpful… He mentioned that ones with highlighted not all kinds of pieces.Maybe he will be interested in my N-Colored vectors as well :)

Here are some samples showing what I have on my mind: (here is not full example)

Anyway, translation t’s not perfect, I haven’t said a word about preliminary moves, etc and the page is too big, I will cut it later). You can find it under -> pl- HiperKostka-pl

There is also solution (also unfinished) of 2x2x2x2 -> I use different macros based on two oll’s of one case from 3D cube … (I use different notation as well)

Pictures are quite nice and shows true nature of the 4D cube (2x2x2 vs 2x2x2x2):

Ps. Melinda could I ask about linking with my name on your site?

Thanks for everything,