Message #175

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] HyperSPEEDsolving !!!
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 21:55:53 -0700

I like the idea. You seem to have thought this out very well. I don’t
know that I would regularly judge such an event but if at least 3 people
commit to being in the competition, then I’ll offer to at least run the
1st one. So who wants to be in the 1st ever 4D cube speed solving contest?


Jesse Thompson wrote:

>A good way to hold a competition would be the following:
>Ask competitors to have their macros ready, and meet online at a preset time.
>Judges prepare a single randomized puzzle file, and publish it for
>download at time X.
>Everyone downloads the baseline puzzle, and they upload their solution
>as soon as they are done. (the smart ones will have the upload form
>prefilled out to reduce the impact of getting the file uploaded on
>their clock time)
>The logs of when the solutions are uploaded can be used to determine
>the solution time for each competitor. The judges then error-check the
>uploads, make sure they are solved states that backtrack to a state
>congruent to the baseline puzzle.
>One single competitor could partake of such a setup simply to establish a time.
>Many of the judges’ responsibilities could be automated with CGI. Then
>the competitions could become self-serve.
>Lemme know what you think. :)