Message #169

From: thesamer <>
Subject: Some notes
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 10:29:56 +0200

After 4^4 solve and try to solve the 5^4 I have some remarks:

-ZOOM!!! Requested and needed…Making centers of 5x5x5x5 where one of the most devastating things I ever did with my eyes. It it realy big barier…to all 4D solvers who want to try bigger cubes.

-And options: Why there’s no menu in program but only comaand line which are realy imortant in 4^5 and 5^4 (for example RIGHTMACROS to make bigger the sight)
(I know it’s probably because of the fact when it was made it wasn’t made for wide public…)

-To propage the 4D solving we need the Windows version of the magiccube4d with 2^4, 4^4,.5^4…

-Widnows verison has no REDO…and no macros which are helpful (diffrence in solution with macros and no macros is only in in time…so It has only meaning in hyper-SPEED-solving;))

By the way: Did anyboby check the shortes time? I want to check how fast I can solve 3^4…

Last time someone wrote that he spend 3,5 h on it. I propose the competion: Shortest time (with the list all who send their times..It should be very intersting…

New age in Hypersolving. That can give something new.

-there also was some problems with making macros wthen I wanted start making macro with the changing midle layer (move with left/rigt click plus 2,3)

My all coments concern only propagation the idea of hypersolving and making this popular in more wide envoirement…

Best regards,
Remigiusz Durka