Message #165

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: 4x4x4x4
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 10:05:38 -0000

Lately I was fighting with 4x4x4x4…First I had really big problem
when one pair from last arm of central crosses was fliped against
the other…But now I also have big problem…I need to put only two
edges in their correct place but I can’t (look

I used some algorithms for 4^3…But nothing’s change.

Any way I send some photos and gave them on the site…
(It’s funny how the 4^3 works on 4^4 ;)Look in PHOTOS on 4D_Cubing.

I can’t wait when I start making corners.If there are some flipped
thing, I will be mad …:)