Message #67

From: Jesse Thompson <>
Subject: Windows to Linux inquiries
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 02:44:41 -0800

Hello all, how do you do?

I’ve re-engaged cubing recently, by installing Linux
on a dual boot on my machine. I’ve grabbed the
Xwindows copy of MagicCube4D, which seems remarkably
different from the Windows version :)

I’ve noticed the addition of a nifty "save" feature,
but I’m not sure how to load a log file back into the
thing. I’d like to load up my log files I was using on
the Windows version and carry on my work in a
double-undo-bug free environment. I’ve tried ctrl-R,
but it always tells me it can’t read the state file
(assuming of course that a "state file" is anything
analogous to a "log file" :) and I can’t seem to find
a "MagicCube4d.log" file that it would load on startup
either. (there probably is one but I wouldn’t know
where to look ;)

So is there a way to load a log file in the Xwindows
version? does it read a logfile format in any way
similar to the Windows log file format? (if not I’ll
volunteer to make translator dealies in perl :)
Having some way to load log files would be useful not
only for continuing past work or checking someone
else’s solution log, but also to generate "officially"
scrambled cubes for folks to solve in timed
competitions. w00t

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a young
codger :)

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