Message #68

From: Jay Berkenbilt <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Windows to Linux inquiries
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 10:48:57 -0500

> I’ve noticed the addition of a nifty "save" feature,
> but I’m not sure how to load a log file back into the
> thing. I’d like to load up my log files I was using on
> the Windows version and carry on my work in a
> double-undo-bug free environment. I’ve tried ctrl-R,
> but it always tells me it can’t read the state file
> (assuming of course that a "state file" is anything
> analogous to a "log file" :) and I can’t seem to find
> a "MagicCube4d.log" file that it would load on startup
> either. (there probably is one but I wouldn’t know
> where to look ;)

I’m glad to hear that you’re trying out the Linux/X version of
magiccube4d. The information you’re looking for is in the file

The logfile can be placed in .magiccube4dlog in your home directory or
specified on the command line using the -l flag. There are other
options as well – see the MagicCube4D-unix.txt for full details.

I’m not sure whether the software will get confused about UNIX-style
version DOS-style end of line characters. If it does, try running
dos2unix on the file.

I hope that helps!

There is one known bug with the Linux/X version of the software:
screen redraw gets very messed up when you create macros. The
workaround is to exit and restart after creating macros. The screen
is drawn correctly when macros are loaded from the saved logfile.

Jay Berkenbilt <>