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Subject: Re: [MC4D] Spherical distortion on 4D to 3D cameras
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2019 15:54:50 -0700

Greetings again

The whole thing is done in Blender 2.80, which has excellent Python integration. The rendering is done using a real-time approximating raytracer Eevee, which works really smoothly, but the shadows are not very realistic. The bloom is also turned on, which in combination with the highlighted outlines made for the cartoon look, I think.

The W- face does experience a little bit of distortion as well, just not as much since it is further from the surface of the unit sphere.

Also, I uploaded all related files here:

And if anyone wants to help out with an electronic version of the MC4D, here’s a little challenge::

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I love this representation! Would be nice to have it in the software as well.

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[…] Somehow the rendering of the image has a cartoon-ish style. I think it has to do with the curvy surfaces. Is there anything special about the colors? What did you use to rendered after getting the coordinates?

It looks to me like the squares are subdivided into 11x11 grids and lit individually. Part of the effect might simply be self-shadows which we’re not used to seeing.