Message #4204

Subject: Possible MagicCube4D Guide
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2019 03:16:23 +0000

Hey guys,
I’ve been messing with the idea of making some kind of a Youtube guide for the 3^4 puzzle. Here are a few options I’ve thought up:

  1. Making a video version of Roice’s solution to use as a supplemental resource.
  2. Making a tutorial of the more advanced Sheerin-Zhao method, talking about stuff like RKT since no one talks about that on Youtube.
  3. Scratching the idea of a full tutorial and just making a video giving random tips on the 3^4. (Might be the least helpful option)
  4. Scratching the idea of 3^4 and making my best attempt for a guide on the 5D Cube.
  5. Walkthrough solves maybe? (Probably the most boring option)

What are you opinions on this? I like the idea of making videos on what I know, I just want to make sure the topic is something actually useful.