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Subject: Re: [MC4D] Complex 3x3x3
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 17:41:17 +0000

The Java program written by Landon Kryger (GuiltyBystander) is linked from this post:

Direct link:

Here’s my note about my terminology and steps:
Ten types of pieces and my terminology:

  1. Core: reference
  2. Face: U
  3. Edge: UF
  4. [UD]
  5. [UDF]: 3.1.32 inner edge
  6. Corner [UFR]
  7. Inverted Edge [UDFR]: 3.1.31 inner edge
  8. [UDLR] = [UD]^-1: 3.1.32 centers
  9. Inverted Face [UDLRF]: 3.1.31 centers
  10. Inverted Core [UDLRFB]


  1. Use core as reference. ( -U,-F2 )
  2. Rotate faces, trivial. [UD] pieces are automatically solved.
  3. Solve edges. (use 1 layer view)
  4. Solve corners. just like rubik’s cube (use 1 layer view). Now, core, face, edge, [UD], corners are solved.
  5. Solve inv core
  6. Solve inv face. At the same time, [UDLF] will be solved automatically.
  7. solve [UDF] (2 layers circle)

  8. solve inv edges (view: 2 layers)

I have a screenshot of my first solve. It took 3191 steps. I also used long commutators or repetitions to solve certain types and didn’t optimize for move count.

After solving the complex 3x3x3, I used that program to played a variation where I generated a scramble by some 180 deg turns, and try to solve using only 180 deg turns. That’s a different puzzle and requires new algorithms. I recommend you to try it.

Here’s a scramble sequence if you like to use: