Message #3812

From: Luna Peña <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Time for another speedsolving contest!
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:15:28 +0000

I’ve been waiting for another one of these to happen, because I feel like
speed isn’t as well promoted as it should be. However, in terms of a random
puzzle being selected; I know I won’t be the only one who can’t actually
solve them all yet, especially not to a decent speed. I feel like this may
discourage some people from entering, although I do like the idea in
principle. Perhaps if there are enough people who want to enter and if it’s
possible there could be more than one puzzle to do, although somehow I
doubt it.

Regardless, I’m definitely interested. (and hyped for the physical puzzle)


On 6 Nov 2017 05:26, "Melinda Green [4D_Cubing]" <> wrote:

> Dear Cubists,
> It’s been far too long since our last speedsolving contest so I would like
> to hold another one soon. This time I thought I would throw in a twist and
> not announce the particular puzzle in advance and only say that it will not
> be a cube, simplex, nor very large or small. Macros will be allowed though
> maybe we should require that they be created during the contest. This way
> you will want to practice with a wide variety of puzzles so that you’re
> ready to attack whatever it turns out to be. These are just my thoughts and
> am happy to change it if potential participants prefer something else.
> The last time we conducted the contest over the Yahoo Instant Messenger
> which turned out to be a lot of fun but nobody seems to use that platform
> anymore. I guess some things like this are done over Steam or Twitch these
> days. If one of those platforms is popular here I’m willing to try it out
> though I’ve never used either one. Still another possibility is a YouTube
> live-stream. I’ve not used that either, but I have a channel, so it’s
> somewhat familiar. If nothing else, we can certainly do it without any live
> platform. I could email the scramble file to the list but Yahoo email
> delivery is very unpredictable. I could also just upload the file to a
> predetermined URL at a predetermined time. The last time we decided that a
> reasonable time for everyone was 11 AM Pacific time on a Saturday. Perhaps
> November 25th or any Saturday in December? Please reply with your level of
> interest and your opinions on the dates and other details. Feel free to
> message me privately too.
> Best of all, this time there will be a very special prize of your very own
> signed & numbered physical 2x2x2x2! How does that sound? And speaking of
> the physical puzzle, I’m proud to announce that it’s now in a reproducible
> form, including even by people who would like to build their own. I have
> created a Shapeways product that you can order here
> <>. Note
> that it’s still not public, so please don’t share it outside our community
> just yet, but you can order from there if you like. The price there
> currently has no mark-up. If you like, I’ll even send you a completed
> puzzle for $99 which is less than the printing cost alone. Just send me a
> private email if you would like that. Of course you may want to wait and
> see if you can win one for free first. It’s up to you.
> Happy puzzling!
> -Melinda