Message #3684

From: Johan Groenewald <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: Introduction of the 307th solver
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 10:54:03 +0200

Hi Jelle,

Yes I plan to try until I succeed (as with all things I do in life), but
it’s a slow go as my free time is minimal. I wouldn’t mind if I’m not the
first, but at least would want to be in the top 5 :D

Thanks for everybody’s inputs.

Regarding the parity, guess I’ve just been lucky the few times I’ve tried
my solve without blanking any items. It sounds like the solution would be
to create a macro that can swop 2 edges and 2 centers…

Regarding taking notes, I agree with Nan, a macro is a substitute for
muscle memory. Blind solving is more a challenge of set-up and down moves
and … memorizing the entire cube before you start. I would suggest
allowing macros, but no notes allowed whatsoever. Technically you can’t
take or read notes while blind folded :P It is not like the first solve
would have any time restriction that you wouldn’t have time to figure it
out in your head (apart from blind solving in one sitting).

Kind Regards
Johan Groenewald