Message #3609

From: Johan Groenewald <>
Subject: New Member
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 09:03:49 +0200

Dear 4D_Cubing

Thank you for inviting me to your group, I solved the hypercube roughly
after starting on it a year ago. The solution submitted took a couple of

I live in Pretoria, South Africa, am 34 years old and have a master’s
degree in Architecture, currently working as a Technical Manager in an
industrial construction company. We build, upgrade and relocate sulphuric
acid, edible food oil, detergent powder, bar soap and other similar
production plants in Southern and Central Africa.

The introduction email asked if I used the Mathologer’s methods to solve
the hypercube. I looked at it and must confess that it is near identical to
my solution method, however I figured it out without his assistance. At
first I struggled really hard with 3 cycles on the inner cube that messed
up the outer cube, until I figured out that rotating the inner cube and
reversing the 3-cycle affects only that cube (like doing a 3-cycle inside a
3-cycle). The solution I used incorporated 3-cycles, T-perm, Y-perm, J-perm
and L-perm (I think) with this reverse method.

This is my first higher dimension puzzle ever attempted. I must admit,
wrapping one’s head around the concept was very difficult.

Some of my other rather humble cubing accomplishments are:

In my free time I ice skate, play some golf (though I’m terrible at it),
enjoy strategy pc games, cube, cook and spend time with my kids.

Kind Regards
Johan Groenewald