Message #3460

Subject: [MC7D] preliminary move recommendations.
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2016 20:03:08 -0700

I am working on the 3^5 in MC7D. I find that the display is similar enough to MC4D that I just used to solve 3^4 & 4^4. What I do not see is a feature for preliminary moves like MC4D had. I grew fond of this as I did not have to remember my preliminary moves. With the added dimension and the growing number of stickers I would like to know if I am just not seeing the feature in MC7D, or if someone has a recommendation on how to remember my preliminary moves.

I am still at a loss for a notation for this cube. This could help me write down what I have done in an attempt to use shorthand to undo preliminary moves. Perhaps someone has already come up with a clever solution to this need.