Message #3423

Subject: Hello. Just finished solving the 3⁴
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2016 14:51:48 -0700

Great to meet some other higher dimensional enthusiasts. I found the magic cube 4d program after seeing mathologer had a video on it, but I didn’t watch the video because I didn’t want to spoil the puzzle for myself. I’m probably going to finally go watch it after I post this.

One of my favorite movies is flatland (2007 not the other one) and I spend a lot of nights getting to sleep by trying to picture forth dimensional objects. I don’t really have any friends that get excited about this stuff like me so it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I should say, however, that I’m thankful for the friends I have that tolerate me talking about it and some of them are interested.

I’m interested in getting a high score for speed solving the 4D cube puzzle. I will probably start a new topic just for this, but I can solve a 3D puzzle in less than 3 minutes and I made it a point to never use macros as I was solving the 4D puzzle so I think I might have a chance. It’s going to take some training in my free time that may or may not exist so I haven’t got a clue when I’ll be ready, but I hope someone else will want to try with me then.

I took 1500 turns to get one solid block of unordered colors and another 1500 turns getting only 9 cube with 2 sides right but still twisted the wrong way. Most of the time I was just spinning things around like crazy trying to understand how it all worked. It took about 900 more turns before it clicked and around turn 4500 I had everything but the final face. The final solution took me a few days, but I solved it in just under 5500 turns. It’s a bit fun to watch the change at turn 3900 so ask me if you want the log.

So a little bit about me. I’m 30 and originally from Arizona, but I now live in Oslo, Norway. I’ve managed to learn the language, but I’m still trying to find work here or get myself into school. Ideally I’d like to get a degree in computer programming, but because of money and language requirements I have had trouble getting into school.

I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself programming via Google and working on open projects. I think I’m a competent programmer, but without a degree there’s no one in Norway that will let me wash toilets. Not as a rule, but it might as well be.

I like cooking and unusual foods. I eat a lot of vegan and vegetarian food, but I don’t have a strict diet. I made a recipe for vegan gluten free burgers that I serve to a lot of people and no one has disliked it yet. Let me know if you would like to try it. I’d be happy to get feedback. I’d also like to try making new foods from different places and cultures so let me know if you think I should try something. There’s only about 3 things in the world I don’t like so it should go fine.

In my free time I like to spend time talking with my wife or friends, learning anything new I can and playing video games. I like a lot of older games like dwarf fortress.