Message #3309

Subject: Re: Introducing myself and MC7D related questions
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 08:11:06 -0700

MC7D is hard to understand because it does not really project and the secondary dimensions looks very different from the primary. Some stickers in the secondary dimension is shown as many 3d cubes. Alvin says one piece may have >7 stickers, that is not true, that is one sticker but shown as many cubes to show which piece it belongs to. A 2^5 can be projected to 2D like this: [Attachment 1]
A piece is marked by the dots. Three red squares are 1 sticker, not 3 stickers, hence that piece have only 5 stickers.
The reason why MC7D sometimes show 1 sticker as many cubes in shown in attachment 2. It shows the process of project 2^3 -> 1D in a way similar to MC7D. That makes things easier to look at and distinguish.
So, 3^7 cube has stickers on 6 of its faces "sliced" (as I shown) and projected as many 4D cubes stacked.