Message #3044

Subject: 4.26273802 * 10^226929
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 05:17:54 -0800

… is the number of different positions of 5^7 cube. This cube has 28 different kinds of pieces. Pieces of 8 kinds have unique positions in the solved cube, and pieces from other 20 kinds can be swapped when they belong to the same face (that may have from 2 to 6 dimensions). 6 groups (1C pieces) have no additional constraints, and other 14 have one constraint (parity of total orientation of pieces). Only constraint for side 6C pieces and for 7C is the parity of permutations, central 2C have constraint for orientations, and 4 other groups (central 3C,4C,5C and 6C) have both constraints.
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