Message #2858

Subject: MPUltimate 1.5
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 11:19:19 -0800

Hi all!
After almost three years I’ve returned to MPUlt program and added to it one small feature: reflections.
There is new group of puzzles "Mirror Cube" with three versions of 3^4. If you make Ctrl+Shift+click on the face centers, it will work like reflection about the plane parallel to face that you have selected.
In puzzle A there are only reflections and 180-rotations.
In puzzle B 120-rotations around cell vertices are added.
In puzzle C reflections are replaced by combining of reflection and 90-rotation around axis perpendicular to reflecting plane.
In both B and C puzzles cell has transformation group of 24 elements (like in classic cube).
Unfortunately, I had to change enumeration of twists in the existing puzzles, so old logs will not work.

New program is here:
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!