Message #2401

From: Andrey <>
Subject: MT {8,3} 10 colors
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 09:02:13 -0000

{8,3} 10 colors puzzle is an another strange beast. It has four faces of order 2 (i.e. each of them has only 2 neighbors), two faces of order 4 and 4 "irregular" faces. And if you start to solve it from order 2 faces (that is good idea because puzzle is the most dense there), you find yourself in situation where you have two disjoint unsolved "layers" - around order 4 faces - and have to sort pieces and exchange parity/orientation between them (like when you solve 3^3 starting with the middle layer).
And there is a chance to meet parity problem: some 2C pieces are identical and if odd number of pairs are swapped, you’ll need to solve it (by swapping some pair once more). And repeat sorting of order 4 layers again :)
Nice thing :)