Message #2006

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Super Puzzle Sunday!
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 18:26:09 -0600

Hi all,

When I wrote last, MagicTile had 63 puzzles configured. *Now it has over
450!* Here are some highlights:

I tried to select puzzles that have reasonable looking slicing, though
perhaps pushed the boundaries of that in a some cases. Maybe some are too
difficult or too easy. If you find puzzles that you feel shouldn’t belong,
I’d appreciate feedback on that. I welcome suggestions for further slicing

In case you are wondering, here is the meaning of the puzzle labels. I
wanted to have something auto-generated that gave insight into the depth of
the cuts. Hopefully it is terse enough. A slice is displayed with the
turning type, "F", "E", or "V", plus a cut diameter specified by three
numbers in the form "P:Q:R".

P is the number of tiling edge lengths<br>
Q is the number of incircles<br>
R is the number of circumcircles

These numbers are based on the side lengths of the fundamental p.q.2
triangle of the tiling. P is the side opposite the π/p angle, Q the side
opposite the π/q angle, and R the side opposite the π/2 angle (R is the
hypotenuse of fundamental triangle). The final slicing circle radius is
set to some linear combination of these three lengths. This approach
allows you to make much simpler looking expressions for cut depths. I
tried to avoid decimals when possible.

There is a new puzzle tree so you can more easily select puzzles, but I
still left in the onerous nested menus. This latest version also fixes
some bugs I’ve run across. I won’t detail those here, but I encourage you
to download the latest rather than use previous versions.

Some things I haven’t done, but would like to do: I should probably add a
description of the labels directly in the program, maybe even a visual one.
I’d also like to add preview pictures for all the puzzles, to make it
easier to see what they look like without actually having to build them.

One last thing: I have removed the "Preview" label :)