Message #1364

From: Andrey <>
Subject: MS5D v0.1
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 21:10:46 -0000

No macros, no animation, no recentering, log files not tested… only navigation in S4 and twists are ready.

Simplex is rendered by sequence of 3 central projections:

Left button - rotation of 3D camera around the center
Shift-Left button - rotation of 4D camera in X-W and Y-W directions
Shift-Right button (Up/Down) - rotation of 4D camera in Z-W direction
Right button (Up/Down) - slide of 5D camera in W direction. It is the only way to change center of the model view.
Ctrl-Left button - Zoom in 3D (Up/Down) and in 4D (Left/Right)

3-click model is implemented: if you have cell ABCDE (corners are named) and click three corner stickers ("5C"), say, A,C,D, then cell will twist to the CBDAE orientation.
If you click 4C stickers adjacent to the same corner, e.g. AB, AC, AE, then block centered in the vertex A will twist from BCDEF position to CEDBF.
Right click in the sticker shows all stickers of the piece. Color filters not tested.

I was lucky to solve puzzle 2/5 scrambled by one twist! But it was difficult :)

Good luck!