Message #939

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] MC7D v0.11
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 10:47:24 -0700

I’ll bet that we’ll never know about all possible intelligent life in
the universe because there are so many places and forms in which it can
hide. At the same time I can’t help but wonder.

As to other higher dimensional Rubik puzzle communities on this planet,
I suppose that is possible though I doubt that they could exist and be
unaware of us. They would clearly have to be intelligent, and the MC4D
site is just too easy to find. Andrey wrote a 4D Rubik analog over 20
years ago just like Don and I did. There was no web at that time so it
was easy to see how we didn’t know about each other’s work but these
days a Google search of the term "4D" alone will return our main site as
the second link. I suppose that there could be other lone 4D puzzle
developers unaware of our group and there could be closely related
groups such as speed cubers and theorists who may not care that much
about our focus but I find it hard to imagine that there would be
another higher dimensional puzzle-solving community that hasn’t stumbled
upon us.


Chris Locke wrote:
> First time in the entire universe? That would be one crazy record to
> hold! :D Too bad there’s no way for us to really know what other
> intelligences there might be out there… and also if there was
> someone else out there who solved this puzzle, who really solved it
> first would be a hard question to answer due to relativistic effects
> ^^. I think it would be most safe to say first person in the history
> of Earth at least though. I look forward to seeing the first solution
> in 7D (or even 6D for that matter :D)
> Oh yeah, that actually brings me to another question that I was
> thinking about… are we sure that there isn’t any other higher
> dimensional rubik cube communities out there on the internet that
> might also have some firsts that we don’t know about? Like, obviously
> lots of people in the world don’t know English so might not know about
> the MC4D community, and there could be a similar group out there in a
> different language for all we know. Interesting to think about at least.