Message #718

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: 3^4 parity problems
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 19:06:57 -0700

Klaus wrote:
> […]
>> I’m going to pre-announce now our intent to make the beta version
>> available in the late afternoon this Friday. We anticipate that this may
>> set off a mini gold rush of attempt to claim "firsts" records, so this
>> timing will hopefully give the most people the chance to plan to spend
>> some serious time with it this weekend.
> I’m afraid I have a physics exam on tuesday and so I will spend most of my weekend with learning. But perhaps I’ll try to get the 2^4 solved first, because this should not afford too much time.
> btw: Do you release it on the old website and where are we supposed to send our log-files to? Does the address remain unchanged?

The locations for the download, solution wiki, and issue tracking will
be given in tomorrow’s announcement. Once the worst bugs are squished
and we have a version that seems solid enough for everyone, we will
create the official 4.0 release and I will add those links to the main
MC4D page. Until then, you will be the only people who are being told
about it.

Good luck with your 2^4 solution!

>> I like that idea, Klaus! Or at least the gesture that I imagine wouldn’t
>> require clicking on any particular cubie but rather would let you
>> continuously drag a whole face around and have it snap into the closest
>> orientation when you release the mouse. Ideally you’d be able to do this
>> several times in a row to the same face and have it count as a single
>> twist so long as the same slicemask is used each time.
> You would not even need to do this several times in a row because with drag and drop you can reach every position (of one face) in one move.

You might realize after dropping it that it’s not in the right
orientation, so I wouldn’t want to make you have to undo it and then try
to get it right in a single twist. The program should concatenate any
compatible consecutive twists into a single one for you.

23 hours and counting!!