Message #384

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] N-teract-4 + (Preference and Macro Tab)
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 10:10:01 +0200

You also have got this link on your web page :-) even on first place!

Other 4D Cube Puzzle Implementations
a.. N-teract-4 by John Bailey - Java applet, corners only
b.. Another Java applet - corners only
c.. Tesseract for the Mac by Charlie Dickman
d.. Dan Velleman’s Rubik’s Tesseract for the Mac
e.. Rubik’s Hypercube by Nate Berglund.
f.. Kostka4d
And you don’t have my web page: :-) (ok. it’s avaible by clicking on my name :-)

One more thing.

Latelty I returned to solving 4^4 and I noticed that I need bigger window. My ask is that in the future there was option of closing tab with preference and macros. (I compared this with older version without this tab and I was very helpful).

Soon you will hear me again!