Message #305

Subject: Macros
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 09:30:01 +0200

Hello Melinda!

Thanks for your time and work on macros.

I tested program and here are few notes:

-I can save macros and use them but after closing program I can’t read the file…and macros are gone (there is some bug)

-reverse macro should be done just by clicking on the name macro with (for example) SHIFT holded;

-three reference pieces..hmmm During hyperspeedsolving I noticed that I lose a lot time for clicking so I choose 1.First Piece (24), 2.Second (27), 3.Third (27). SO there is a question. Are three pieces are necessary? Maybe two (but very specific) are just fine? I don’t know

-for funcionality -> I suggest looking on linux version:

It’s really good. (Macros on the right/left side. As I say ‘Reverse’ should be just by clicking on macro name with Shift holded). Panel with macros will take a little space.

I really like idea with using last macro ->(Ctr+A).

Best regards,