Message #304

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Macro support available
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 18:54:34 -0700

Dear Cubists,

This is to let you know that beta version 3.1.0 containing basic macro
functionality is available for download. You should be able to define
sets of macros and to save and restore them in named macro files. You
can also undo and redo over entire macro applications.

I had never used macros before and since nobody sent me a spec, I just
implemented a UI that seemed to make sense to me but some of you power
users may have other ideas which I hope you will share. I had wanted to
allow users to be able to perform macros in the "opposite" direction by
selecting mirrored reference stickers, but I couldn’t seem to make that
work. Perhaps it is not a well-defined operation; I just don’t know.
Also, you cannot execute a macro as part of the definition of another
macro. This is a beta version but my hope is that there is already
enough functionality to be useful. Please test it hard and let me know
about any bugs you find or suggestions you come up with.