Message #260

Subject: Shortest
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 10:58:33 +0200

It’s me again.

Roice I don’t think you will be crushed.

Without macros you probably eat us alive!

How the hell you did circa 300 moves on 3^4 ?!

Some time ago I tried make my shortest solution on this…

And a get your result… but I have only! 1x 4C piece on the corect spot…15 left…

I really did my best. Puting 2 pieces for one sequence…

But still I’m far away in bushes ;-)

Are you using some other method?

I tried to think with Miachal some kind a F2L on 4D … but it was too hard…

On 2^4 I invented column method which gave mi 136 moves…(with controling from 3^4 it would be less moves) but here it’s not use…

That’s all,