Message #212

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: 5^4 - I’ve managed to solve it (Michal Wizner - Poland)
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 15:30:29 +0100

Congratulation Kirfo!

I’ve knew you will do this ;) Please have mercy and don’t ask about 6^4 ;)
If you start solving it I would have to solve it too ;))) Maybe after two
moths from now?;)

Melinda I must say you did great job with java version.(I can’t wait for

(I don’t like only this auto-rotation. (It starts to spin a litlle bit too
easy). Autorotation is good but it must take more effort to start spinning).

Lately I went under linux and tried "hyperspeedsolving" AGAIN.

I started from 45 minutes…Next there were some solves with 35 minutes.
I’ve changed some macros ( I use 17) and here my latest results:


As you can see I managed with 30 minutes barier

(Will be there unofficial ranking with fastest solution?)

I must think something new for corners (there was time (few months ago) I
solve this stage in 4-5 minutes..but now it takes me 10 min!!!!

In last attempt I did:

central crosses in [2 min]
face croses in [17 min]
corners in [10 min]


First Time Competition is very close to happend :)

We have got in Poland some 4D cubists for example:

Michel Wizner,
Tomek Piotrowski
and me

(we know each other)

Once we even talk about this but Tomek have a little time now…

I think Michal after 4^5 and 5^4 is ready and for hyperspeedsolving and in
few days he probably try this.

So much from me.

Best regards,

Remigiusz Durka

Ps. Guy where is your 5^4 solution? ;-P

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