Message #96

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] For your consideration
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 19:33:38 -0700

hello friends,

yes, i’m definitely here and have intended to get to this. i tried just
now but can’t access the log file in order to link to it. i’ll do that
soon. and a huge congratulations to matt!!! i may have said this before
but i never expected to see anyone beat roice’s solution for years if
ever. you guys consistently surprise me.

i don’t know how i feel about a standardized start configuration.
standardizing definitely makes it a fair start but allows people to
study other people’s solutions in order to find any shortcut between any
pair of positions, which i expect everyone would agree would be unfair.
so there is definitely an advantage to a randomized start so that each
person is on their own but that allows people to generate lots and lots
of starting configurations until they find one that happens to give them
a head start. i’d love to hear everyone to chime in with their suggestions.

and on the subject of jay’s 2^4 solution, i’ve been conflicted about
this because i’m fairly sure that it’s been done before using other
programs (e.g. what
do people think we should do? i’m thinking of adding it to the
hall-of-fame but with a note to this effect.


Roice Nelson wrote:

>Looks like it is time to dust of my MagicCube4d and
>try to resuscitate some long-unused neural pathways in
>my brain. Whether I can or not, I will at least have
>to try to get back the shortest solution :)
>We used to have a standard starting file for the
>shortest solution competition. We could use the
>starting scrambled state of your new solution for
>that. However, my vote would be to just allow a
>random scrambled state if others were cool with that.
>I never really agreed with the thought that a standard
>starting state took any luck out of things anyway.
>I wonder if Melinda is still getting these emails?
>The Hall of Fame still doesn’t have Jay’s new first of
>solving the 2^4 on it, and isn’t updated yet with
>Matthew’s solution either…
>— Matt Young <> wrote:
> > A new solution of the 3^4 MagicCube4D, solved in 467
> > twists, has been uploaded to the "Files" section of
> > this Yahoo group. This beats the existing record
> > for the shortest such solution by 28 twists, if my
> > calculations are correct.
> >
> > Amusingly, about 2 twists before finishing this
> > solution, my computer video output died and I had to
> > spend about half an hour swapping out my video card
> > with an older one before I could go back to my last
> > save and complete the solution.
> >
> > My brain kind of hurts, and it’s way past my
> > bedtime. I’m going to bed now.
> >
> > –Matthew A. Young
> >
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