Message #3905

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: Physical 2^4, horizontal versus vertical, short vid
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2017 18:57:10 -0800

Good stuff, Joel!

I love how your method is quite different than Bob Hearn’s, focusing on

If you have a chance, it would be great if you could share a video of
either a complete solve of yours, or perhaps just the last couple of
commutators as you finish up.

Since you and Bob both seem to like the vertical setup, I thought I’d
better try it.   In this video, I show how the two different "standard
positions" I propose, horizontal and vertical, correspond to the same
MC4D state.

   20  horiz vs vert    1m28s

It’s nice how the two versions of the standard position differ by a FOro
(a clockwise 90 degree front-out rotation of the 4D puzzle) and then
upending the puzzle with a counterclockwise 90 degree rotation of the
whole puzzle in 3-space around the F-B axis.  It seems appropriate that
two "sorta opposite" rotations of different types, in sequence, gives us
a "sorta identity".

I’ve attached my custom colors file for MC4D that matches the display,
in case anybody wants it.   I like to be able to match MC4D and physical
puzzle states precisely.  To use it, drop the facecolors.txt file into
the same folder as your mc4d.jar .