Message #3785

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: Flatland 3^3 and steps toward physical 3^4
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 16:31:58 -0700

Hi, MC4D,

I’ll be taking a few weeks’ break from blocks + magnets + puzzles. But,
before I wander away for a while, I thought I should checkpoint my
progress toward realizing a workable physical 3^4 using a ROIL moveset.
I’m pretty optimistic about it.

The first two videos cover the flatland 3^3, and the third shows my very
rough draft of a physical 3^4. Both of them make use of a marked-up
cardboard tray that acts as a workspace where I can park pieces of the
puzzle, since I don’t have three or four hands.

If you want the super quick version, I’d recommend the last three
minutes of the third video, cued up for you right here –

Or if you’d rather take your time and see it in order, here is the full
25 minute demo sequence starting in Flatland.

17 flatland 3^3 intro 9m34s
18 flatland 3^3 continued 4m22s
19 phys 3^4 very rough draft 10m22s

Catch you later!