Message #3730

From: Oscar Tornberg <>
Subject: Introduction
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 21:49:53 +0200

Hi there!
Guess I’m the new guy huh?

My name is Oscar Tornberg and I live in Sweden. I’m 17 which would make me
a high-school student (I think. Our school system is a bit different.)

Except for solving cubes (or hypercubes 😉) I watch too many series and
read way too many books. I’ve been told that I have a strange sense of
humor and do stuff that’s a bit different, like LARPing.
Oh right! I’m a boyscout too. (Although over in this corner of the world we
have mixed groups)

I found this puzzle by accident and pretty much fell in love. It took a
while to figure out how it worked and which pieces were connected. It’s a
fantastic challenge and I’ll definitely try to get better.

Well that’s enough babbling about me. I’ve got new puzzles to figure out.

Until next time
-Oscar Tornberg