Message #3435

From: Edward Martinez <>
Subject: Introductions!
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 00:48:36 -0700


So, I actually started solving the 3^4 hypercube about a year ago and I
managed to finished a good half of it (2 color and some 3 color pieces) and
stopped due to unforeseen circumstances. Then a month or two ago after
cleaning out my laptop I came across the .log files and finally finished
it. Yay! I didn’t really find it a very difficult puzzle, although I
imagine that it makes for a pretty difficult efficient solve (I solved it
with an excessive 1,200+ moves). I might try to do a layer-by-layer solve
of it (or of the 5^4) at some point, but I have other stuff planned for
this summer.

Anyways, stuff about me:
I’m a undergrad math major (final year) at Arizona State University, doing
research and grading here and there. Currently, I’ve been looking into
agent-based flocking models with boundaries and control. It makes for fun
simulations xD I’m looking into some cryptography and number theory since
that has always fascinated me as well. For fun, I enjoy a wide variety of
things that change from time to time.

I hate sounding like a list, but… oh well here’s a list of some hobbies
(in no particular order):
Playing with mechanical puzzles
Making and (trying to) design origami
Playing videogames
Reading/watching horror stories/movies
Reading visual novels
Watching Japanese anime
Playing music (on flute mainly, learning piano)
Playing board games
Playing with recreational math
Normally, I don’t really like talking about myself, but hey, I figure
there’s a couple like-minded people here xD