Message #3256

Subject: Re: Visualizing Space from Ana/ Kata.
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 06:29:20 -0800

I realize that two 3D space intercept at a plane so if I were to move in the 4th direction I would see a plane that passes through the inside of objects (just keep in mind that in reality light would not travel outside space; this is just a thought experiment). That plane I would see could move in any position in 3D. Thinking about the analogy of a flatlander moving in the 3rd direction helps to understand concepts. Also, with this thought experiment I sort of can see why a 4D being would see 3D objects inside out and every part of the 3D object without overlapping. Now I am thinking how is this going to help me visualize 4D or whether it is possible. I have a hunch that it is possible for a human to visualize hyperobjects but perhaps this is just me being optimistic.