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From: Christian Watanabe <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 7-th Solve of 7-dimensional cube :)
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 17:49:30 -0300

Thank you very much!

I’d like to share my history too, although its not so detailed as Philip’s
Its more my impressions, rather than technical issues.

As a admirer of higher dimensional geometries (> 3D) and satisfied by
knowing how to solve MC3D, whose algorythms I discoveerd by myself, the
first time I played MC4D I went very crazy, like "What a brilliant idea!"
but only limited to twist it to be impressed by the movements. At that
time, I had doubt if I really could make it.

But some months passed and I decided to solve it. I tried hard, and
finally, could solve, which came with a enormous satisfaction and
happiness. Then I saw MC5D and MC7D, and thought, "Well, MC4D was like
this, these is not for me, they’re monstruous".

6 years passed, but not completely forgetting MC5D. About 3 times during
this period a had curiosity to see how it works. Than my temptation to
solve it gradually growed. My understanding of the 5D mechanism was
deepening, and so my satisfaction. And finally this year, I made
determination to solve it. Solved 2C pieces, 3C, 4C, based on algorythms
from MC4D, but I had no techniques to findout 5C algorythms deriving from
4C’s. All idea I was able to come up with was to repeat many times a 4C
algorythm applied at same position and see the period of all involved
pieces, so I could filter and leave only 5C pieces moving. As result, my
macros became huge and the final solution took more than 1 million twists!!
But I was very, very, satisfied just for solving it!

So I stare at MC7D: "Is it worth give a try"? Of course, rather than
underestimating the puzzle, I was questioning myself if I would solve it.
But I thought, "well, for MC4D, I needed be aquainted with the 1 extra
dimension, i. e. learn how the 1 extra dimension interacts with the so
familiar 3D; for MC5D, be aquainted with 2 extra dimensions, i. e. not only
how each exra dimension interacts with 3D, but also, how the 2 extra
dimensions interacts between them." So a thought, it would be not so hard
to understand n extra dimensions interactions as I already know 2 extra
dimensions interaction. But before I start to work on it, I had first to be
aquanted with Andrey’s new representation of the puzzle.

So done, I begun to solve 2C, 3C, 4C… as I thought, it was not so
difficult to understand n extra dimension interactions. And thanking very
much for the different macro functionalities Andrey have built, like the
possibility of doing ABA’ sequences easily. I only didn’t understand, at
first, why I would use a sequence such as ABA’B’… Then I came to
understand, it was very, very useful to derivate nC algorythms from
(n-1)C’s !! Finally I had a technique to develop higher dimensional
algorythms!! And now, it was only a matter of patience to solve a huge
number of cubbies.

Its amazing how I could make it so far, comparing from the first hard
temptation of solving MC4D!!
I only want to thank you all very much for the opportunity to know these
amazing puzzles!


PS: I have a suggestion: I think it would be interesting to show the

country of the solvers because, for example, no one could imagine that I’m

Brazilian, judging from my name LOL

2015-08-10 13:32 GMT-03:00 [4D_Cubing] <>:

> On June, 29th I’ve got a letter from Christian Watanabe (95th in 3^4 list,
> 44th in 3^5 list) with log file of his solve of 3^7 cube. Solving took 340
> hours of program run and about 195000 twists (looks like the second best
> result).
> Congratulations, Christian!