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From: Eduard Baumann <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New puzzle: Lights Out 3D
Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 21:17:03 +0200

Wow !!!!

Very nicely made! Awesome!

Is this a new addiction after "2048" and "puzzlium" ?

Best regards

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From: [4D_Cubing]
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 7:52 PM
Subject: [MC4D] New puzzle: Lights Out 3D

I made a new puzzle:

It starts with a dodecahedron. The rule is simple: clicking a face toggles the state of its five neighbors. Turn off all the faces to win. I have built the whole collection of Platonic solids and Archimedean solids, plus two rhombic polyhedra.

I spent a lot of time making it compatible with mobile this time. Try it on your smartphone. And let me know if there’s any problem.

Once you have solved a puzzle, a flag will be stored in your browser. Even if you close the browser and come to the page again, the list of solved puzzles stays there.

For each shape, you can change the definition of neighborhood. You can define faces sharing an edge as neighbors or the ones sharing a vertex as neighbors. You can also config if the clicked face itself is to be toggled or not.

Why am I making this puzzle:

Since Andrey created the mirror-Z puzzles in 4D, I believe there are nontrivial lights out type puzzles with geometric shapes. I tried many things before landing on the current one. I’m not looking for complicated shapes like 120-cell in the beginning. Everything should start simple.

I find Lights Out 3D fun to play with. I can solve some of them in a few moves and some others in a few minutes. I can’t solve all of them yet. For example I haven’t figured out the snub cube and snub dodecahedron. I’ve solved 47/60 puzzles.

I hope people without Rubik’s cube background can also have fun on these puzzles. They have nothing to do with commutators – they are purely commutative.

One can think of simple extensions to hyperbolic shapes, 4D, and so on, if we decide that these puzzles are worth making.

Hope you guys enjoy the puzzle!