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From: Philip Strimpel <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] FW: Magic Cube 7d SOLVED!!!!!
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 19:46:44 -0700

Hello Melinda,
Thank you very much for the congratulations and the compliments! E-)
Yeah, this 3^7 hypercube was quite difficult at first for me to even see how one 6 dimensional hyperface even rotated! I spent a whole week devoting to learning every possible rotation of the hypercube faces and I actually began solving it before I finished Mht633 52 colored! I originally downloaded this beast to my computer as a joke, not really expecting myself to comprehend it. However, a few months after I solved Mht633 and after I was starting to get over the pain of my divorce was actually when the real work began. I had to keep changing perspectives probably at least 1000 or more times, because I needed to get the pieces into a lesser dimensional perspective… One that I could actually understand. I did full 3 layer rotations a lot because the pieces that were within the same block were deceptively far apart in distance and single 3 cycles were not enough to permute them. So I had to change paradigms so I could see where they REALLY were in
relation with one another. Sometimes in order to move three pieces around that SEEMED close to one another it would take several algs combined to make one macro!
It is DEFINATELY going to be a challenge to solve 3^6 without macros! But I definately would like to make a youtube video of my solve of it, so hopefully my solution will take less than 500,000 moves! Even then, it will be hard to make a video of it; but I will definately try! :D
I think that I will also be working on the 120cell halfcut during my 3^6 solve, but I don’t really think that I can solve it as of now. There are so many parts moving through space that I find it hard to find any algs that are useful. Maybe I can solve it. I sure will try my hardest!!! :) Maybe I’ll have it solved within a year or two! :P

GOD bless, <br>   Philip Strimpel

On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 5:17 AM EDT Melinda Green wrote:

>Hello Philip,
>I’m sorry for your unhappy break-up and happy for your rare achievement. You won’t see *me* attempting anything like 7D puzzles! It’s certainly huge though I would like to know more about its complexity you mentioned. And now attempting a 3^6 without macros? You have an impressive tolerance for a certain sort of pain. When you’re finished you might consider making a YouTube video of the playback like Noel Chalmers did with his 120 Cell solution <>.
>Congratulations and good luck!!!
>On 8/22/2013 8:59 PM, Philip Strimpel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> First off, I apologize as I know that I haven’t been on here in a while. I just went through a sad divorce with my wife of almost 4 years, so I’ve been too depressed to write anything; but I am now back with exciting news! I am now #5 in the world to solve Magic Cube 7d! :D Boy, this has DEFINATELY been the most complex twisty puzzle that I have ever solved! o.o However, you can only view the last 300,000 moves. For some strange reason the program stops one you get down to the 991,771st move! :/ Now I think that I will attempt to solve 3^6 cube WITHOUT macros, ‘gulp’, so everybody can actually view the log file without lag or bugs! Wish me luck!
>> GOD Bless,
>> Philip Strimpel