Message #2708

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] How to download improved magic tile
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 15:29:43 -0700

Hello Philip,

This should have nothing to do with your Java installation. I also
wouldn’t worry about MT affecting other applications, but Roice would
know best about that. Just go to which
should give you a prompt asking what to do with it. Select the "Save"
option and drop it into a location that you can find later such as on
your desktop. Then go to that location and double click the zip file
that you saved. Hopefully you have WinZip or other applicaiton
associated with zip files which will come up. You then need to "extract
all" the files wherever you like. Be sure to enable "use folder names"
so that files in sub-directories will be in the correct locations
relative to each other. Lastly, you will need to double click
MagicTile.exe in the top folder to run it. I hope that helps!


On 3/25/2013 7:10 AM, Philip Strimpel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just wondering how I can download magic tile v2. My computer keeps saying ‘application not found’ when I try to save or open it. Could it be because I have jre 6 and it conflicts? I know it needs .net runtime 4.0 or higher, but I am afraid that if I download that to my computer that all my other awesome puzzle programs won’t work anymore. :( Anyone else have this problem or know a way around it?
> Many thanks,
> Philip Strimpel