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From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New solves
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 02:30:33 -0700

Why first-person and no viewing from outside the maze?

Regarding stereo viewing, color anaglyph will work for most people with
the appropriate glasses. They are easy enough to find but I really hate
anaglyph stereo. I highly recommend learning cross-eyed free viewing. It
is not hard but does take some practice. The trick to getting started is
to first pick out a prominent feature in the image. Then slowly start
crossing your eyes and you will see your feature split into cop copies
in each image, 4 in total. You want to get the middle two ones to
exactly overlap and then concentrate on bringing them into focus. When
you get the focus right the overlapping images will snap into a single
perfect 3D view. The first time it happens, you will get excited and
then lose it almost instantly, but just keep trying and it gets easier.
You may feel some pain at first, especially when you don’t have your
head perfectly aligned vertically with the screen, but in time it
becomes very comfortable. I could easily watch a movie this way now.
Here are some you can practice on:


On 3/12/2013 1:02 AM, Andrey wrote:
> It will be 4D Sokoban with the "first person view". Scene is polygonal, so we can work with actual 3D view representation (edge model) - but I’m still not sure about stereoview (I have no 3D glasses yet). Or, alternatively, player can use "slit vision". Funny thing will be that you can’t go outside of the maze for the "global view".
> But now it’s just an idea - too long way before the actual implementation.
> Andrey
> — In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
>> Wow, these are some impressive solves! I see that Russell is a member of
>> our group. Russell, how about telling us your story with the 3^6? That
>> is very fast for such a large puzzle.
>> I do not see Philip among our members. If he is not already a member I
>> hope you can convince him to join if only so we can ask for his story of
>> the 5 million twist solution!
>> Andrey, would you like to tell us more about the game you plan to build
>> or would you prefer to surprise us?
>> Thanks for all the great news!
>> -Melinda
>> On 3/11/2013 10:42 PM, Andrey wrote:
>>> Hi all!
>>> Today I’ve got a letter from Russell Sherrill (who has already solved 3^4,4^4,5^4 and 3^5 cubes) about his solve of 3^6! He is #5 in the list. Solve took about 175000 twists and about 5 hours. Congratulations!
>>> Funny thing is that last for solves of 3^6 were done exactly every 6 months - in September and March :)
>>> Three hours later I’ve got another letter - from Philip Strimpel (#7 in 120-cell solvers list). He solved the largest MHT633 puzzle - 52 colors! Before that he wrote about a problem with the last corner peice (there was a kind of orientation problem that may be seen in Magic Tiles sometimes) - but solved it in less than one day. Number of twists is more that 5.17 millions and total time of solve is almost 4 months (by timer)! Now Philip is Number One in the list of 52C solvers. Congratulations!
>>> I’m working on the design of some completely different 4D game now. May be, some day…
>>> Andrey
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